FOUNDED: 1994; Torrance , California 
Jeff Severson…Guitar, Vocals
Craig Ruppert...Guitar, Bass and Vocals
Steve Deming...Harmonica, Flute and Poet
Buddy Mercer…Guitar, Vocals
   Others …,Paul McIntyre, Bob Helm, Mitch Morrison,John Regalado
                              Members of the  Western Music Association
BACKGROUND:       Members of the Academy of Western Artists

The California Cowboy Band has been bringing their music to audiences for twenty five years. Touring the west playing Cowboy Treks, they’ve played clubs, festivals, and horse rides while developing a devoted audience. The band was  featured by the WMA at their Autry Center Winter Concert.    For five years, they have performed live at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, at the Melody Ranch. They have performed for The Rancheros Visitadores, The Catalina Caballeros, and the Vaqueros Del Desierto
The California Cowboy band writes original songs, and steals the best sounds of Danny Timms and Kris Kristofferson, Rusty Richards, Willy Nelson, and others.

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